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Unstoppable Powers Unstoppable Powers

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Woah, this sounds great! It's just the really laid back atmosphere, ethnic instruments put together in a well thought out way that makes this song really great.

It's amazing! Almost something out of a fantasy world.

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TwelfthChromatic responds:

Thank you! :)

Sunshine(FULL remix) Sunshine(FULL remix)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Woah, the amount of energy in this!
I like it!

Cahzmana responds:

Thank you! :)

Industrial Opening Industrial Opening

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Impressive. There's so much visualisation in this, like straight out of a movie.

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No1r responds:

Thank you! :)

It's a small furry world It's a small furry world

Rated 5 / 5 stars

It just sounds so happy.. I love this song, and this remake of it. :D
They should play this version in disneyland!

Save The World (Remix) Save The World (Remix)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Really cool stuff here, totally didn't expect this on the newest submissions list. Just awesome!
Really well mixed, well thought out, and really cool synths. I love that bass!

Soulero responds:

I'm glad you liked it

Chords Of Life Chords Of Life

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Beautiful. ;__;

Another song that shows the best in this chord progression!

Trance + house? Trouse! Or hance. I don't know.
The thing I love most about this is the simplicity of this song, with simple melodies and a solid progression.

Insta-download. If a song can make me download it within the first 1 minute, it's seriously good. Achievement unlocked!

keosni391 responds:

"the simplicity" is just what i aimed for :P Glad you like it.

Happy new year ^_^

Rise From The Abyss Rise From The Abyss

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Hey there!

Yet again, really nice trancy feel to this song.
Pretty nice choice of instruments, and classic chord progression.

I'll just go straight into the critique. (which is the most fun to type)
I'd go with what I mentioned in the previous reviews, which is the bass. I'd say I do hear a bit of sidechaining (or just the limiter doing it's job) between the bass and kick, but it wasn't enough, and the kick loses it's punchiness into the bass. My suggestion? Put the bass into the offbeats, in between the kick drums. So the kick and bass won't play at the same time. Really direct way of preventing the bass from interfering from the kick.

I think the bass is kind of unneeded during the quiet part, when the pads play.. it is a bit too loud.

Also, melody wise, the rhythms of the melodies seem to center on each kick. Try to make melodies that have important notes between the kicks, (and probably put a stronger hihat in between the kicks too). The song focuses a lot on the downbeats (the beats where the kicks play), and not the upbeats (in between the kicks, to allow the person to 'bounce'). By giving equal focus to both the downbeats and upbeats, the song will have a much stronger beat to it.

This song is a bit repetitive, but it's a pretty good one. Nice choice of instruments, melodies, and ideas put together! Maybe it's time you upgraded your headphones/monitors/speakers/whatever audioequipment to something that can play the bass accurately (and so you can probably hear what you do). I'm assuming your system can't hear the bass well, or boosts it too much.

ReWired responds:

Yeah I'll have to go back and add some side-chaining in on the bass as well as strengthen the percs and add possibly add some sounds in or mess with the melody to fill in the upbeat and make the song less repetitive. I actually just upgraded my headset the day after I posted this song so I can hear exactly what you mean and I intend to fix it.
Thanks for the excellent review,
Happy Holidays,

Y.M.A.R Project(50%) Y.M.A.R Project(50%)

Rated 5 / 5 stars


An epic tune. No idea if it's that chord progression (no idea why it's so good) or the synths.

Really well done. I can expect that the final version will be even better than it is already.
Loving it.

DjClyme responds:

why thank you! glad to know the Demo was enjoyed! :D

Av - Stop Muting me Av - Stop Muting me

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Remixing that guy's voice for a dubstep song... it's surprisingly good. :D

Kind of a joke or something, but this can really be expanded to a longer song.

Walking the Shoreline Walking the Shoreline

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Neat melodies!

The beginning is really trance-y. Really cool stuff.

Maybe the lead (that came from the pluck) at 0.28 could sound a bit more fuller. You could layer the lead a couple of times (I tend to layer about 3-5 3xOscs, and have 1-2 of them pitched up an octave. That's how much I layer)

The kick drum could be EQed a bit, but the main problem here is the main synth. It is taking a bit too much of the bass frequencies. Since the bass frequencies actually sound good at the beginning (I love that effect when you use the low pass filter at 1.10, the bass really makes it sound great), I'd say you sidechain a highpass filter to the main synth, to cut the bass when the drum plays, or cut the bass only when the kick drum plays.

Now, all this song needs is a nice flowing pad playing the chord progression throughout the song. So it wouldn't sound so empty. :D

I'm really beginning to like our music. I'll be checking out your future works! :D (fyi, I reviewed the other song first.)