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TeHLoY's News

Posted by TeHLoY - October 30th, 2012

Just to let you know, I'll be (and have already been) a lot less active here.

Newgrounds never loads properly for me, so I find it inconvenient to upload music here. The community here is great, but it's kind of sparse too. I'll upload music here whenever I can, but don't expect regular updates!

Instead, I'll be spending my time over at soundcloud. If you didn't know, soundcloud's a music website for musicians to put up their music too. So do check out my soundcloud here: http://soundcloud.com/tehloy

If you ever want to contact me in any way, I will prefer if you send me a private message over at soundcloud. I'll still check newgrounds once in a while to upload stuff and check messages, but it's the least of my priorities.

Posted by TeHLoY - May 22nd, 2011

Thanks for checking out my page!

Right now, pretty inactive. Expect a song like once a month or so. (can't keep up!)

You can try and click the RSS button next to my submissions, to know when I post something new (actually, it works with all NG artists). Go learn how to use google reader or something.

Well, do check out my music, I've posted quite a number of them over the past year.

You are welcome to review my songs, I will reply if I notice (and usually I notice.)
PM me if you'd like, I'll probably reply (except it it's spam).

Oh, go ahead and request reviews, PM me. I don't mind, I'll probably give you some good comments and feedback.

Well then, enjoy!

Posted by TeHLoY - April 9th, 2011

I aim to post a song a month if I can, and I'm not too busy.

Anyway, thanks for dropping by my page, do check out my songs on this site!

Feel free to PM me if you like, for any reason. =P

Posted by TeHLoY - January 8th, 2011

School's started, and it's my final year. So I have less time to make music.
Also, now it's another period when I lack inspiration. FL studio seems to just stare at me, and I'm unable to think of anything to do.

So I'm taking a short break from music. I might post occasionally, but not much now. Don't worry, I'll still be checking this site often, the community here is great.

Posted by TeHLoY - January 1st, 2011

Yup. I'm still here.

I haven't posted much recently, I find I have a lack of inspiration for music. However, I'll still hang around this site, I find the forums pretty fun. XD

As usual, I'm pretty open to PMs. You guys can PM me for no reason or just for fun, I don't mind.
Or you can simply request a review on your submission, I mainly review audio cause I make audio after all... But I don't mind art or flash stuff, those can work too.

And do check out my music! I love it when someone reviews my stuff and leaves a decent comment (not one of those YouTube style one-liners, though those do give encouragement =) )

And thanks for readin' this. Nice of you to drop by. =D

Oh, and happy new year to all of you! =D

Posted by TeHLoY - December 25th, 2010

So... I'll make the mandatory post that everyone puts every december.
Merry Christmas!!

Oh, and I conjured up a quick christmas song in the past hour.
I'm putting up the FLP here, instead of posting it to the AP.
Jingle Bells!!

Still, no copying, or claiming this file is yours. But you're free to use it anywhere. =D

Posted by TeHLoY - November 27th, 2010

I'm no pro in music theory, but I feel like listing down some of my favourite chord progressions in no apparent order.

I will write everything in the C major/ Am scale, as it contains no sharps or flats (except for some cases)
Also, I'm not going to use more complicated chords, that's for you to do yourself... Cause these more complicated chord progressions are easily derived from these simple ones.

So... First progression:

***1: Am F C G

This one is extremely common. Honestly, I do like this, but I try to avoid this. It's the overused progression that Newgrounders overuse.
This sounds nice because it follows the circle of 5ths really well. The F leads to C and the C leads to G.
Despite this being in the minor scale, it does sound happy. That's because all the other chords are major chords.

**2: C Am F G

Another overused one. This one's in major, and it sounds pretty good. Gives a happy sounding song.

3: C Bb F G

This is based on the previous chord progression, except the minor chord is swapped out to a chord from the Cm scale. Honestly, this sounds great. Play it slowly, it feels emotional. Play it quickly, and it becomes a really happy tune.

**4: C G Am F

This is similar to number 2 too, but has a bigger difference.. Sounds happy, but the last chord kind of changes the mood.

*5: Am G F G

This sounds sad, I really like this one, but I think I'm overusing this already.

6: C F Am G

I like this one too. But I overuse it myself. o.o It just sounds damn plain happy.

7: Am F Dm E

This sounds spooky. I especially like it when the last chord is a major instead of a minor chord.

8: F G Am G

I like using this. It really steers away from the two possible end chords, C and Am. It has an epic feel to it.

9: F Am C G

Similar sounding to the previous one, but this has a more sadder feel..

10: C G Am Em F C F G

This is a pretty long chord progression.. If you play it, it is instantly recognizable as the progression used in the song Canon in D. (though it's in the c major scale o.o)
Yea, avoid using this one unless you have a really good melody for this, or you song will sound like a remix of canon.

Well, I think this can get a lot of people started on chords, but I do tell people, if the chord progression is common, I recommend they make the song unique in another way, like giving it a good melody.

And I placed a star beside the most commonly used ones. Like this one. ---> *

So 3 stars means its extremely common, 2 stars means slightly common, 1 star means it's still encountered once in a while and no stars means its rather rare.

Posted by TeHLoY - November 2nd, 2010

I just thought of something, where we can trade reviews. I've seen other people do something similar to this. I was thinking, the review request club in the forums can be slow at times, so...

Basically, the system is this. If you review my songs, I will review yours.
I'll base the length of my reviews to the length of your reviews..

I feel this way, both of us can benefit from this, for we can easily find out how people think of our music.

If you'd like to try, just post a comment and leave a review or two for one of my songs. (no point reviewing my early stuff, I already have the criticism for it.) I'll review your songs too.

And I may take a couple days to get back to you, for I have a life too. So don't expect this to be instantaneous.


Posted by TeHLoY - September 11th, 2010

Argh... I'm sitting in front of my computer, with FL studio open, and... no ideas flow. I don't have any inspiration for a new song at all.
In the last couple of weeks, I was able to make a song almost every week. But now... everything had stopped for me.
Nothing is just going through me. o.o

Aww man, I knew I would strike this period of time eventually... It's really annoying.

Oh well. Maybe next time, something will come to me. =(

Call this a musician's version of a writer's block. =/

Posted by TeHLoY - August 5th, 2010

Yes! I finally had a computer upgrade! From my 5 year old laptop to a really cool new one! Sadly, I got to share it with my siblings. Still, it's nice to upgrade to something that won't crash on you, isn't it?

Now's the exam period , so expect me to be churning out songs at a slower rate for the next couple of weeks. :(