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Oh.... My... God....

This has to be the godliest, most epic flash of the 21st century! It's just so simplistic, so minimalist, and just plain picturesque. The beauty of such an alphabet, just look at it's anti-aliased borders, the white colour surrounding it, and it's offset from the center by just a little bit. It's just perfection. Only a true artist can ever create something this good, and the choice of letter is pure genius.

Nothing can ever beat such a design. You're simply the champ, the one who can change the world with something so simple.

... wtf???

Totally made me laugh when they suddenly broke out into a song.
Nice idea, noticing the similarity between avada kedavra and hakuna matata. Really, they sound so similar.

Great ideas + awesome animation + good excecution of plot = an awesome flash.

I seriously love this. =)

I doubt this would ever be read...

But this flash is great, love the pedobear reference...
Animation quality was decent, but it seems that the art is messy in a way. Maybe that's just style.
Still, this has a great storyline, and a pretty decent ending.

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Pretty good.

This is a pretty neat concept for a game.
I just think this can be enhanced by better graphics.

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Woah, this sounds great! It's just the really laid back atmosphere, ethnic instruments put together in a well thought out way that makes this song really great.

It's amazing! Almost something out of a fantasy world.

TwelfthChromatic responds:

Thank you! :)

Woah, the amount of energy in this!
I like it!

Cahzmana responds:

Thank you! :)

Impressive. There's so much visualisation in this, like straight out of a movie.

No1r responds:

Thank you! :)

Learning musician and animator. Go check out my music!

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