Entry #11

Eh.. hey guys!

2012-10-30 09:59:42 by TeHLoY

Just to let you know, I'll be (and have already been) a lot less active here.

Newgrounds never loads properly for me, so I find it inconvenient to upload music here. The community here is great, but it's kind of sparse too. I'll upload music here whenever I can, but don't expect regular updates!

Instead, I'll be spending my time over at soundcloud. If you didn't know, soundcloud's a music website for musicians to put up their music too. So do check out my soundcloud here: http://soundcloud.com/tehloy

If you ever want to contact me in any way, I will prefer if you send me a private message over at soundcloud. I'll still check newgrounds once in a while to upload stuff and check messages, but it's the least of my priorities.


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2012-12-13 05:00:18

i believe soundcloud has a Newgrounds 'group' aswell.
contains (mostly) the best audio. but i believe you could drop audio on their page or something to get picked and get a spot on their audio list...